"a continuing programme of investment in technology allows us to offer our clients the very best in modern precision engineering"

We have a wide variety of equipment aimed at providing accurate fast turn round on small to high volume batch work.

Milling Machinery:

  • Haas VF4 Super Speed
    This machining centre has an ultra fast 24 station automatic tool change system that takes less than 1.6 seconds tool to tool. With a travel of 1270mm (x-axis), 508mm (Y-axis) and 635mm (Z-axis).

  • 2 x Haas Mini Mill Centres
    These machining centres boast a 10 station automatic tool change system. With a travel of 406mm (x-axis), 305mm (Y-axis) and 254mm (Z-axis).

  • SMX 3500
    This 2016 machine has 3 axis controls and the latest SMX ProtoTRAK offers more power and features. With a travel of 770mm (x-axis), 500mm (Y-axis) and 420mm (Z-axis).

  • DPM 5000
    This machine has 3 axis controls with a travel of 1480mm (x-axis), 476mm (Y-axis) and 500mm (Z-axis).

  • DPM 3000
    This machine has 3 axis controls with a travel of 770mm (x-axis), 500mm (Y-axis) and 400mm (Z-axis).

  • Edge 2000 ProtoTRAK machining station
    To complement the above sophisticated machinery this 2 axis (X and Y) is ideally suited to 1 offs, prototypes and low volume batch work whilst maintaining the same degree of accuracy.


  • Haas ST-20
    The latest Haas high performance turning centre is designed to provide heavy cutting ability and extreme rigidity. It has a maximum cutting capacity of 381mm x 52mm, with maximum swings of 806mm over the front apron and 527mm over the cross slide. The lathe is equipped with a 210mm hydraulic 3-jaw chuck, and a 12 station bolt-on style tool turret.

  • Ward 2a Capstan
    Complementing these lathes and adding to our versatility we have a traditional Capstan lathe.

  • Additional Lathes



Ancillary and finishing equipment:

  • Startrite band saw

    Shallberger Facette Star deburring and chamfering machine

    2 off pillar drills

    Vixen fine bead blasting cabinet

    Fine straight graining machine

    2 off Vixen wash stations

    Orbital sanding machine

    Flat bed linishing machine

    Pedrazolli SN340 Newton cut off saw

    XYZ Fast Tap 800 tapping machine

    A full complement of machine tools and general engineering equipment

Our Inspection Department has a full range of equipment to ensure the components we manufacture are to drawing specification and meet exacting quality standards. 

If required we are also able to provide a large range of surface finishes using our network of subcontractors.